Don't Remember Me With Sadness


Spouse or loved one

Don't remember me with sadness
Don't remember me with tears
Remember me with the laughter
We shared throughout the years

Then when the summer's sunshine
Awakes the flowers in bloom
I will walk that light from heaven
Around the corners of every room.

Do the things we did before
The same in every way
Just whisper a little prayer to me
At the dawn of every day.

Just think of me as present
Don't think of me as past
For a friend’s love is a blessing
In death it still can last.

Forget your troubles and your worries
They are mine forever more
I will watch, care for and love you
From heavens open door

And when your road gets rough and rocky
Or you are down and need a crutch
Remember I am right beside you
And love you all so much.