How Do We Let A Mother Go?


Mother or Father

How do we say "I'm ready now to go on without you"?
How can we ever have a clue of what that really means?
And of a sudden the moment is upon us, and there's no turning back.
And then we know what grief is,... and guilt and love and things undone.
Try to prepare and we will fail in some way, be it subtle or looming....

But there is peace too. peace and acceptance and overwhelming love
that we maybe weren't aware of. waves and waves of conflicting emotion,
And laughter too, and memories we hadn't bothered lately to recall
come flooding back in shared company.. and it's all about you mum...

And there's gratitude.. so much of that, that we had you, such a wonderful mother...
Bright and shining, nobody's fool, independent, but humble too;
Smart, and kind, and fun. Adventurous.
A part of you has passed away,
but much is carried everyday within us,
and will as long as we are here.

This may be a final tribute,
A day to celebrate your life and say goodbyes;
But it's not final.
Every day I'll celebrate in some way,
just by the virtue of how you shaped my life,
The absolute and incredible fortune that I knew you.
As a mother, a friend and a woman.