Just A Knockabout Bloke

Robyn O'Connell

Typical Aussie bloke

Just a knock around bloke with a heart of gold
You kept us amused with the stories you told
You bent the rules occasionally
but nothing you did break
You’d learn from that lesson
before the next one you’d make

The importance of family, so quick to the fore
You weren’t always perfect, of that they knew the score
But your love for them was endless and forever will be
They just have to look at each other
to see what you could see.

Your friends they too were important, of this we are assured
Because to you were like the family that you so much adored.
Your laughter will echo in the memories of every one you loved
And we know you will be reunited with those friends and family up above.

Don’t think we will not miss you, you’ve shown us how to live
We no longer take life for granted and to others we will give
The gift of our memories of that great bloke that we knew,
And to always give credit, because that (name) belongs to you.