Pam Nelson

Mother or Father

Some light up rooms with their laughter
Others brighten the world with a smile.
Many will make you feel happy
By sitting nearby for a while.
Some folk can cheer up a cold day
With just a few words or a glance.
Others can make things seem better
If you just give them half of a chance.
But there are those whose whole life is a blessing,
Not just a moment, a smile or a word.
They make all around them feel special,
No person ignored or unheard.
They give all they have and then give more,
While helping somebody get through.
It’s not about thanks or for mention,
It’s something that’s in them they do.
And when it’s time that they sadly must leave us
We grieve … but also we smile.
We give thanks that our lives were connected
And were tucked in their heart for a while.