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5 star certificate of excellence

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I was a bit chuffed recently receiving this from the team at easyweddings.com.au.

It was my first 5 star Certificate of Excellence, which is awarded to celebrants who have received at least 5 5star ratings on the easyweddings.com.au website.  Easyweddings is Australia's number 1 wedding website destination for brides and grooms - so it was a pretty big deal to me.  After my first 12 months as a qualified civil celebrant it was a  significant achievement in my mind, made even more significant as I have had not had any rating lower than 5 stars (which is the maximum btw) in any of my reviews on their website (and there are significantly more than 5 reviews).

I'm also proud to say that I have not had a rating any less than 5 on my facebook reviews either and there are over 15 of them last time I counted (okay, my mum was one of them - thanks mum).  If you're keen to read any of them, just click on the image --->

Asking clients to do a review after their ceremony is always an uncomfortable thing for me, as you've finished the job and I'm sure that after all the lead up to a wedding, they just want to have a break from it all. So the idea of a "needy" celebrant hassling them for a review of his performance on the day seems very self serving and not really in their interest at all. However, it's so important for me as the celebrant, as it's word of mouth and recommendations that encourage others to get in touch with me about making their wedding day the most special day for them as well.

So, to those who have helped me achieve my 5 star Certificate of Excellence from easyweddings.com.au and for providing their feedback on Facebook, I thank you for your kind words and the encouragement it has provided me to stay on track with this most special of professions.

Steve Mummery is a marriage celebrant authorised by the Commonwealth Government of Australia to officiate at weddings.  In 2018 and 2019 he has received the 5 Star Certificate of Excellence from easyweddings.com.au.

Find out more about the ceremonies Steve does at smcelebrant.com.au or if you would like to contact Steve, you can at steve@smcelebrant.com.au or call +61 418 897 215. 

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