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Are you having a Festival Wedding?

For a few years now (I'm pretty sure I started the trend actually), milestone birthday's have become Birthday Festivals, that run over many days with many events - just to make the person feel really old at the end (lol). But now the Festival Wedding is becoming a thing.

As I have said in these insights before, I have a Pinterest page (link at the bottom of this article), which has many boards all to do with putting a wedding together and I have just made a bunch of additions to the "Wedding Day Ideas" board to demonstrate how popular the Festival Wedding has become and how good it can look. So if this type of wedding is what you're looking for, here's a taste of what you will find on my Wedding Ideas Board that relate to festival weddings.

I guess the common theme among them is that they are outdoor, rustic with a boho look and feel about them. Simple and yet casual and elegant. No pretence, but such a cool way to spend the day and night. Take a look.

I particularly like the Booze Bath. So, as you can see, there are so many different ideas out there, you just have to decide on your theme and then go for it. Or even better, get a wedding planner/stylist onto it and let them do all the work to create your dream wedding.

If you want to see more of my boards, click on the link below. You really should check out the engagement rings and wedding rings, wedding dresses, and bridal shoe heaven. And guys, there is a special board where you can look through all the different looks you can have on the day from black tie tuxedo, to shorts!

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