• Steve Mummery

Cool summer grooms who still look smart

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

As a guy , if you're getting married in summer, wearing a suit can be a real drama, particularly if you sweat. Nobody wants to have sweaty pics taken on their wedding day... even a guy. So here are some looks that I found on Pinterest that are "workin' for the man" this summer.

There are many options guys have to choose from to keep their cool on the big day, like wearing a vest and no jacket, wearing just a shirt with braces (suspenders), really smart shorts or of course linen suits. I think my favourite (especially for a beach wedding) is the light coloured pants, white shirt buttoned up to the top and braces (see below).

Steve Mummery is a marriage celebrant authorised by the Attorney General of Australia. Steve is based in Perth, but can travel anywhere. You can see all of the above looks and more on his Pinterest collection "summer looks for grooms". Check his website here. See some Facebook reviews of his work here and follow him on instagram here @smcelebrant.

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