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DIY confetti using paper shredder

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

How is this for a cost effective and awesome personal touch on your wedding day.  All you need is a micro cut paper shredder, which you can pick up on eBay for $80-$100, some A4 coloured paper that match your wedding colours if you have one.

Firstly, let's check out exactly what you will need.


  • “Micro-Cut” paper shredder

  • A4 Regular coloured paper (from Officeworks)

  • Plastic Test Tubes with Screw Top (buy some from Amazon for about $1 each here)

  • A4 Sticker Paper (from Officeworks)

  • Scissors (don't run with these)

  • Home Printer

  • Our FREE “Toss Me” tag printable at the end of this post!


You'll need a Micro-Cut Paper Shredder. The key is to get a “micro-cut” machine, not a “cross-cut” or the pieces won’t be small and cute. Paper Note: regular weight (thickness) paper will work the best for this confetti. You can use thicker paper like cardstock, but the edges will look more torn up.


Download our free “TOSS ME” label printable at the end of the post, or create your own! Then print onto 8.5″ x 11″ sticker paper and cut each one out; they measure 5/8″ x 2.75″. Peel the backing off and stick onto each test tube.


Each of these exact test tubes will hold 1/4″ cup of confetti. 10 sheets of regular paper will yield 6 cups of confetti, meaning you can get 24 favor tubes from 10 sheets; or 12 favor tubes from 5 sheets!


Place one tube on each chair at your ceremony and expect the most fabulous shower of confetti as you make your way back down the aisle as Mr + Mrs, or Mrs & Mrs, or Mr & Mr.

And there you go. A nice personal touch on your special day and something that is pretty easy to do (especially if you already know someone with a paper shredder). You could even make your own labels that make it even more personal with you and your partner's names on it.  If you'd like to download the "Toss Me" bale, just click here.

Steve Mummery is a marriage celebrant authorised by the Commonwealth Government of Australia to officiate at weddings.  He has a 5 star Certificate of Excellence from easyweddings.com.au.

Find out more about the ceremonies Steve does at smcelebrant.com.au or if you would like to contact Steve, you can at steve@smcelebrant.com.au or call +61 418 897 215. 

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