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How much to pay for a wedding dress

You actually don't need to spend a fortune on a wedding dress. It's a misconception that you need to - and peer pressure of course.

So take your time in deciding what you are going to wear and look around.  Remember, this is a dress that you will wear once. Yes, it should be gorgeous, but that doesn't mean it needs to cost $3,000.

Get some help with someone who knows how to dress to your body shape. Someone you can trust to tell you the truth, no matter how hard it hurts.  The most important thing on the day is that people say "oh my God, you look so gorgeous in that dress - it suits you perfectly", not "that dress is beautiful - and looks so expensive".

It's not about what they will say to you. It's about what they're going to say to their friends the moment they set eyes on you.

Look in all the wrong places, like gumtree, ebay etc. You will find wedding dresses that women have decided for whatever reason they don't want any more.

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