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How to have a wedding shower...if you're guys

A wedding shower just for the ladies? So passé. Dudes enjoy a nice occasion to enjoy delicious bites and sips just as much as brides, so why not host a couples shower for both partners and both sets of friends and family? The basic idea of a couples shower is exactly the same as a traditional bridal shower. Invite the relatives and buddies closest to the couple and pick a theme that represents some aspect of their relationship, their upcoming wedding or their interests. The theme is often the trickiest aspect of a couples shower. Whether the couple consists of two brides-to-be, two grooms-to-be or a bride and a groom, landing on a theme that pleases both can be difficult.

So, check out 5 couples wedding shower ideas we love!

Classic Australiana with pies and beer

There are few things as Australian as pies and beer. So for couples with lots of different interests that won’t blend well, go for a classic Aussie themed couples shower. An outdoor venue works best with this couples shower, so look for a beach or public park. Ask everyone to bring a picnic rug and wine if they would prefer (or supply it yourself). Get some classic donuts, cupcakes for after the pies. Or swap the pies for fresh pizzas delivered to the spot.

Hire a catamaran for the afternoon

Another thing very Australian to do is to get on the water. We are surrounded by some magical oceans in this country, so why not hire a catamaran for the afternoon (or day) and get your friends on board to enjoy champers and seafood (or pies and pasties and sausage rolls), along with some gorgeous rays, tunes and swims if the water is warm enough.

Cocktails and Cake With a “Sex & the City” Theme

For the brides and grooms who are still jonesing for Carrie Bradshaw’s designer-filled closet, a “Sex & the City” theme is perfect. To pull this off, you’ll want to mix elements of modern city chic with cool pastels and warm metallics. Just like Manhattan’s favorite columnist, Cosmopolitan cocktails are a must for this couples shower, so consider creating a cocktail station with vodka, gin, various mixers and stemmed cocktail glasses. Continue the classic New York theme with wedding shower games like “Who Knows Carrie Best” trivia, New York strip steak sliders and Big Apple and brie appetisers. Might be a bit old hat now though.

Relaxing Spa Theme With White Decor and Candles

If you’re a couple who firmly believes the family that relaxes together, stays together, then a spa-themed couples shower might be a good idea. Rent a modern venue space with all-white or nearly all-white decor to create a relaxing ambiance. Arrange short white tealights on the tables along with flowers that will create a Zen-like atmosphere. Keep the decor very minimal with subdued metallics and a pastel here and there. For entertainment, consider hiring a chair massage therapist, an on-demand nail technician for manis and pedis or a yoga teacher. Keep the food spa-like as well with cucumber water and healthy snacks like celery, carrots and sliced fruit along with finger food like sushi rolls, samosas or watercress sandwiches. Leave guests remembering your commitment to relaxation with personalized white robes or a soft pair of slippers. Or hang the expense and just book out a spa for the afternoon and treat everyone to a facial or massage.

Modern Rustic Garden Party

For lots of couples, being outdoors is neutral territory. Whether it’s taking in a sports game together or going for a sunrise hike, Mother Nature provides ample opportunities to bond, which is why an outdoor, gender-neutral, garden party-themed wedding show is perfect for many couples. Look for an event space with a large patio or garden space, preferably with lots of greenery and flowering plants (a historic home is a great option). Keep decor minimal, but set a dining area with romantic flowers, embellished glasses and a few branches for accents. Celebrate spring with a delicious green menu that might include roasted spring vegetables, pasta salad with veggies and nuts along with seared meat and fish. All sounds a bit hard to me though.

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