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I made it to Pinterest

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Well I finally made it to Pinterest. I had been resisting for what felt like a couple of years, but I just googled it and Pinterest actually started in March 2010 (Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006 and Insta in 2010 - do you suddenly feel old?).

Some of you "early adopters" would have been on it for years,  but for the rest of us, have we missed the boat (and what a pretty boat it is, on Pinterest)?  My answer is no.  

If you're in the marriage game at the moment, (or perhaps day-dreaming about your next one lol), I have saved you the time and assembled some of the nicest wedding dresses, wedding rings, suits, wedding day ideas, checklists, speech ideas, wedding cakes, engagement reveal ideas, (btw you can check out my blog on engagement selfie reveals here) wedding photo ideas and Perth wedding venues all in one place.  

In fact if you click on any of the images within this blog it will take you directly to my collection of that item (try the wedding dresses image above).  I particularly love the wedding rings, which you can see a small selection of below. There are some stunning pieces of jewellery out there.

Pinterest is an eclectic look at what's out there today and you can keep it all in one safe place. It's the 2018 version (or perhaps that should be 2010 version) of scrap booking. Except no longer do you have to cut out the pic from Marie Claire and glue it in a book of paper that feels like it should still be on a tree or on a butcher shop counter.

There's a great collection of suits that will make fellas look so handsome for their special day (click on image above).  There's even some ideas on how to dress the little fellas that may be taking part in your bridal party too.

Plus, I've also put together a great collection of ideas that you might be able to use on your special day - stuff that I felt was cute and that would make your day stand out. Click on the image above to check them out.

As time goes on I will continue to add to these on my Pinterest site, so feel free to forward this blog or the Pinterest link to any brides to be that you know, to get their creative juices running.

Who knew Pinterest would be so good!

Steve Mummery is a celebrant based in Perth. You can find him online at smcelebrant.com.au or facebook at smcelebrant, Instagram @smcelebrant or you can find lots of wedding inspiration on his Pinterest page @smcelebrant including wedding & engagement rings, dresses, shoes, groom's attire, flowers, arbours, the lot.

Call Steve to chat about your wedding ceremony today on 0418 897 215 or email steve@smcelebrant.com.au

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