• Steve Mummery

Love wins in 2020

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Just 12 months ago if anyone had said any of the following terms to us we would have looked at them like they were an alien. Covid. Self-isolation. Contact tracing. Closed borders. Social distancing. Jobkeeper. Double donuts. PPE gear. G2G pass. Now, 12 months down the track, they are a part of our everyday life and vocabulary.

Most of us would have never seen this little creature before, but now we see it every day in every news broadcast and it is indelibly imprinted in our mind forever more.

Who knew we could wash our hands for as long as 20 seconds or that the streets of our major cities would be empty and all shops closed for days on end? Who ever thought it would be illegal to have more than 5 people at a wedding and that we would not be able to send our kids to school - for weeks on end? Who ever thought our government would bail out its people who lost their work. Who ever thought Scott Morrison could come back from the bushfire debacle and that a Premier could have 94% approval rating? Just not possible? Well as it stands, yes they are all possible.

We worked out this year that many things are actually possible. A President can totally let his country down, just as much as a Prime Minister can protect and support his. We worked out how important health care workers actually are in our community and how hard they work and how little the majority of them get paid. We also worked out how hard a job teachers have (and they're not overly paid as well). All of a sudden the people crucial to our society, who had received little thanks and appreciation over the years became our heroes. We even stood outside and clapped them! Who would have thought.

It's been a year we would love to forget, but indeed, we never will. A big year of change and adapting (or the new fancy term that replaced it, “pivoting”). But you know what? Love won all round. We decided we would all "get through this together" and we did it all with some simple loving and appreciation of the people around us, much more than we ever had before.

Love also won for the people in the pictures in this story. These are just some of my couples who weathered the storm and got married in 2020. Thank you for choosing me as your celebrant and congratulations on making the decision to let love win.

And to those whose Covid postponements are still to come in 2021, we will continue to get through this together and make your day so special, you'll wish you had originally chosen that day in the first place.

Thanks to @alanaliddell @kevinmcginnphotography @chantelleventerphotography @stephpease and @jacquelinevangrootel for taking such awesome pics.

Steve Mummery is a celebrant based in Perth. You can find him online at smcelebrant.com.au or facebook at smcelebrant, Instagram @smcelebrant or you can find lots of wedding inspiration on his Pinterest page @smcelebrant including wedding & engagement rings, dresses, shoes, groom's attire, flowers, arbours, the lot.

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