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Your Ultimate Wedding Podcast Is here

Planning a wedding, but not sure where to start? It can be a bit overwhelming. There is literally so much to do. This podcast series called "Getting Hitched" has 36 episodes all broken down into bite size chunks so that you can tackle one subject at a time.

Each episode focusses on only one subject and most episodes are only a few minutes long, so it will fit in with whatever your activity is, whether you're walking the dog, on public transport, going for a run or sitting quietly at home at night.

You don't have to listen to every episode, just pick and choose the ones that you need help with. However, if you do miss an episode you may miss a crucial piece of advice from the brides brains trust, so it might be an idea to check them all out over time.

Here's a look at just some of the episodes that might be handy:

Episode 1 starts at the very beginning and talks about the uncharted waters of getting married and episode 36 finishes up the day after you're married. All episodes contain insights and tips to help take you through the process of pulling a wedding together from what type of ceremony is right for you, establishing and staying on a wedding budget, how to save costs, involving children in your ceremony, wedding rituals and traditions, wedding day emergency kit, wedding styling ideas, a Maid (or Man) of Honour and Best Man (or Woman) checklist, right through to who should say what in the speeches at the reception and so much more.

It's been terrific fun putting this series together with the help of some industry experts and my Bride's Brains Trust - the ones who have been there and done that, who are imparting their own unique insight and tips to couples on the way towards getting hitched.


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Steve Mummery is a celebrant based in Perth. You can find him online at smcelebrant.com.au or facebook at smcelebrant, Instagram @smcelebrant or you can find lots of wedding inspiration on his Pinterest page @smcelebrant including wedding & engagement rings, dresses, shoes, groom's attire, flowers, arbours, the lot.

Call Steve to chat about your wedding ceremony today on 0418 897 215 or email steve@smcelebrant.com.au

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