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The most popular dates to get married

Happy Valentines Day! And to all those getting married today on the "day of love", I wish you a lifetime of happiness.  Especially you Luke & Shan.

According to the latest wedding survey carried out by easyweddings.com.au, these are the most popular dates to get married in 2018.  Obviously the warmer months are very popular at either end of the year (March & October being the most popular), with most people staying away from the stinking hot Perth summer months and freezing cold (well, West Australian's consider it freezing cold) winter months.

So let's take a look to see if the date you're looking at is amongst them and if it is, you better get moving if you haven't locked in your celebrant and all of your suppliers.  Here are the most popular wedding dates of 2018:



The 24th of February is the final Saturday of summer and is likely to be warm still (especially as early summer has been quite mild in Perth). Many choose late Feb to catch the last of the summer warmth but avoid a super hot wedding day.


Interstate, this is the Saturday before a public holiday (Vic, SA, Tas and ACT)  that gives guests plenty of time to get to Perth and home again after a big Perth wedding.


March is one of the best (and most popular) months of the year for your wedding. It’s no surprise that three of the top dates this year fall in March.


This one is just six days before Good Friday, a national holiday and a verrrry long weekend. Many people have opted for this date to avoid getting married over Easter.


April 7th is the first Saturday after Easter, and similarly, many people have chosen this date to avoid the Easter Holiday. Plus, having a little time off of work before the wedding won’t go astray!  It's likely that Perth will still have pretty good weather around this time.


April is a lovely, mild temperature due to it falling in autumn. The 21st is another extremely popular Saturday this year to get married. April on the coast is also usually mild, less windy and not as hot in direct sun).



If you’re after a Spring wedding, then October is a really popular time to get married. The first Saturday is a very popular wedding date for 2018.


The last two Saturdays of October are also both extremely popular among 2018 couples. At this time of year, flowers in season include Anthereium, Lisianthus, David Austin Roses and Lily of the Valley.


The end of October is a beautiful time of the year, full of beautiful flowers and perfect for brighter colour schemes for your wedding.


November 10th is the ideal date for couples that would like to include peonies in their wedding flowers. This date is also about the last one in the year that won't start to coincide with xmas/wind up functions.

Saturdays are still very popular for weddings, with a huge 62% of couples getting married on this day of the week, compared with Friday at 14% and Sunday at 10%.  If you're looking at any of the dates above, then choose and lock in your celebrant early as the good ones will get booked out.  The same goes for venues, photographers, videographers and all other suppliers you might want to utilise.

Steve Mummery has been authorised by the Attorney General to officiate marriages according to Australian law.  For reviews of his ceremonies, check his website at smcelebrant.com.au or facebook.com/smcelebrant/reviews.

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