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Wedding speech tips

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

We've all seen some hideous wedding speeches and we've all seen some awesome ones. Don't make yours fit into the first category. It can be quite nerve wracking, however, with a bit of thought and planning, you can make an awesome speech, whether you're the best man, the father of the bride, the father of the groom, the maid of honour, the bride or the groom.

I found a literal treasure trove of speeches on the internet at hitched.co.uk. They should be awarded a medal for collecting them over the years. They're real speeches that have been used by real people and sent in to the site and I've provided some links to them below.

Best Man Speeches

Father Of The Bride Speeches

Groom Speeches

Bride Speeches

Maid Of Honour Speeches

It's always important to start off strong, so here are some ways to introduce yourself.

How to Start Your Wedding Speech

1. Always Introduce Yourself

Whether you’re the groom and everyone is there because you invited them or you’re the best man who has flown in from overseas for the occasion, it’s always polite to introduce yourself. Smile as you do it and make a bit of a joke if you feel tense, or reference how important the day is if you don’t feel like joking:

“Hi, I’m [GROOM’S NAME] – you should probably all know who I am, and if you don’t, well done for sneaking in unnoticed.”

“Hi, I’m [BEST MAN’S NAME], but you can call me by my full name: [BEST-MAN’S-NAME-WOULD-YOU-LIKE-A-DRINK].”

“Hello, I’m [FATHER OF THE BRIDE’S NAME] and I’m so delighted to welcome you all here on this beautiful day.”

It’s becoming more common for the maid of honour or bridesmaid to give a speech, as well as the bride. If you’re giving one, feel free to mix up these examples.

Don’t go overboard with a long-winded introduction about yourself – a line or two about who you are and your role in the day will be enough. If you’re the best man, it’s fine to start with a joke – we’ve got some of the best, tried and tested best man jokes to inspire you, or scroll down for even more speech introduction examples…

2. Make Eye Contact

Pick a few reassuring faces in the crowd and pitch your speech to them – but don’t focus just on one person. Aim for a couple of different locations around the room so everyone feels as those they’re included in the speech. If the idea of making eye contact is too much, pick inanimate objects to focus on but mix them up.

3. Have Notes to Hand

Don’t think you need to know your whole speech off by heart – you’ll feel more confident if you have your notes to hand and no one will judge you for it. If you don’t want it to be too scripted, simply give yourself cue cards to work from.

4. Don’t Drink Too Much

Don’t try and drown your nerves – it’ll only make starting your speech more difficult. Save the celebratory drinks for after you’ve completed your speech – slur free!

Speech Introduction Examples

Here are a few more ways to introduce your speech, no matter what role you’re playing in the wedding day – just tweak it to suit you and your speech.

“Friends and family of [NAME] and [NAME], thank you for being here today to celebrate their marriage.”

“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.”

“Welcome to the most important day in the lives of [NAME] and [NAME].”

“Today, promises have become permanent and friends have become family.”

“Today is a celebration and we are here to celebrate with [NAME] and [NAME].”

“Thank you for joining us today on such a wonderful occasion.”

“We would like to welcome all of you here today to celebrate and thank you for choosing to spend the day with us.”

“Love has brought [NAME] and [NAME] and everyone in this room together today.”

“My name is [BEST MAN] and it’s an honour to be here today as [GROOM]’s best man.”

“Hi, I’m [NAME] and it’s time for me to do this speech I scribbled down about an hour before the ceremony started.”

“I must admit, I’m not accustomed to public speaking. Up until I was asked to give this speech I thought a toastmaster was a kind of kitchen appliance!”

“Before I begin, I must admit that [NAME] and [NAME] have asked that I remove anything resembling innuendo from this speech – I’ve promised if I come across anything even slightly risqué, I’ll whip it out immediately.”

Now, if you'd like to see a funny best man speech, check out this video.

Steve Mummery is a marriage celebrant authorised by the Attorney General of Australia. Steve is based in Perth, but can travel anywhere. Check his website here. See some Facebook reviews of his work here and follow him on instagram here @smcelebrant.

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