Your wedding day should be one of the most special days of your life.


These words above are my brand values. That means they're important to every facet of my business.

So let me create a wedding ceremony that is authentic and relevant to you both, that will engage all your wedding guests and remain memorable forever after.

I care about making your wedding the best possible experience for everyone involved. I take care of all the ceremony details so that you can focus on enjoying the moment. That’s why I make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the ceremony you imagine is the ceremony you’ll get. My goal is to make sure your guests say it's the best wedding ceremony they've ever experienced.

Here's how our partnership would work.


Step 1

Let's meet to get to know each other. This can be at my home, your home or over coffee somewhere - what ever makes you feel more comfortable.  You can tell me about the type of ceremony you want to create and I'll talk about the process we will go through to create a ceremony for you.  We'll also talk about the price and what forms you will need to fill out along the way.


Step 2

Sometimes this can be combined with Step One, but once you have decided it's me you want to officiate at your wedding, we will sit down and have a chat about your history together and who's going to be involved in the wedding.  This will probably take an hour or so and can happen over coffee or even a glass of wine.  The info I get from us spending this time together will help me create your unique wedding ceremony.  I'll be asking about the quirkiness of the two of you.  

We'll also talk about any poems or readings you would like included in the ceremony and who will be reading them, plus what music you have selected and work out where this will go in the ceremony.

At this meeting we also complete the Notice Of Intention to Marry, so I will need you to bring along some official identification etc. I'll let you know what to bring prior to the meeting.


Step 3

Using the information you have given me, I go away and create the wedding . After I've written the ceremony, we catch up to run through it and make adjustments if needed. Sometimes this can be done via email, although it's better in person. Here's some of the "love stories" I've written about.


Step 4

A wedding rehearsal the day prior to the wedding is always a good idea as it will put you at ease. We get the entire wedding party along to this as well if we can, so that they all know how fast to walk, where to walk and where to stand.  It's also important for you both to also know this information as it will help you relax on the day so that you too can enjoy the ceremony.  


Step 5

The wedding day!

I'll be there nice and early to make sure everything is in place. I'll play some music through my high quality speaker prior to the ceremony.  I'll get the groom and groomsmen relaxed and in place and then meet the bride when she arrives.  We do the ceremony. Everyone cheers for the new married couple. Then I play some more tunes for awhile while everyone congratulates you.  After the big day, I make sure all the legal documentation is lodged with Births Deaths & Marriages in the state you were married in.


If this is too much for you and you just wish to have a simple registry style wedding, or perhaps you're

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